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"Hello, Lovely" Box by Urban Oreganics

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Anyone who knows me, or at least follows my brand, knows that I have a HUGE crush on Urban Oreganics. This mama-run, botanical apothecary has provided all of my skin care products for the last two years. My obsession is worthy as my skin is absolutely flawless since I discovered this brand. The owner, Emily, is a mother of two boys and lives up in Oregon with her hubby. The family wholly practices a minimalist, vegan lifestyle from their food choices to the way they are remodeling their stunning new home. I'm always on the hunt, a little stalker-ish I guess, for Emily's new product releases. Not only does she source her ingredients from the best, but she makes, packages, and ships every single order to her loyal customers. And she also makes it a point to include many other small shops and ethically sourced bath and body products for her shop.

One day, after spending way too much time on Facebook (and not enough time cleaning my house), I received a notification in the Urban Oreganics VIP group that Emily was releasing a specially curated surprise box that would include 4-7 eco-friendly lifestyle products, retailing $100+. Best of all, she was offering these amazing boxes for just $60!!! What!?! You better believe I jumped right on it, and I am so thankful I did.

July's "Hello, Lovely" Box by Urban Oreganics

I went ahead and ordered some other new products UO had on top of the "Hello, Lovely" Box so I could get the FREE U.S. shipping for orders $75+. I was so excited when they came in I opened the box in the car... #obsessed much?

hello lovely box on urban oreganics

The best thing about this is it actually comes in its own separate box... meaning the anticipation continues to build...

urban oreganics hello lovely box on baybee boutique

O M G Emily, you're killing me... (jk, it's actually fun like opening a present!)

urban oreganics hello lovely box

The first "Hello, Lovely" box did not disappoint. It included 5 full-size products that Emily already sells in her shop. Since she offers her boxes at $60, rather than the $100+ retail value, you're basically getting everything 40% off. Wowza...

JES Design Studio
I've been eyeing these stunning hex earrings since the holidays but didn't get a chance to grab any for myself. To my surprise, a rose gold pair was included in my box. JES Designs is a stunning jewelry brand with unique pieces that will knock your socks off. These earrings are lightweight, a minimalist design, and will go with any outfit.

Monta Aromatherapy Rollers
As an avid essential oil user, I was so excited to receive this! This is actually a relatively new product in the UO shop that I hadn't had a chance to order and now I'm kicking myself for not grabbing one sooner. The blend is four amazing essential oils, grapefruit + orange + patchouli + sage, and uses safflower oil as a carrier oil. Monta's site describes the scent as "bright, vivacious, layered" and it is all those things and more.

Palate Polish
I squealed with excitement when I discovered a bottle of Palate Polish's squid ink in my box. I already own a bottle of this but have been going through it quickly. It is, by far, my favorite polish color of all time. And best of all, it is "5-free" meaning it's free of the following toxic chemicals: Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Don't worry about this polish not lasting as long as your drug-store brand. It's every bit as good as your mama's polish.

and finally finishing out the box...

Urban Oreganic's Jade rollers have been selling out super fast. I was waiting until I needed a refill on my cleansing grains, facial cream, and rosewater toner before placing my next big order, and I truly thought I missed out. Surprise to me, because one was included in the "Hello, Lovely" Box! I absolutely love mine! Jade is a stunning natural stone by itself, but when you roll with a little pressure over your skin it promotes lymphatic drainage, helps tighten pores, and naturally improves blood circulation and skin tone. Pairing well with the Jade roller is a 2 oz jar of Refresh Facial Mask, the first UO product I ever tried. If you are looking for a quick skin pick-me-up, definitely grab a jar of this. Your skin will thank you!

I've learned that Emily will be releasing these boxes sporadically. This first box sold out in a matter of hours if I recall correctly. If you want to stay up to date on her next surprise box release, I would definitely join her VIP Facebook Group. In the meantime, if you'd like to try one of these amazing products, head over to and start shopping. Use code BBBLOVE for 20% off for a limited time. Code expires end of this month.

Shine bright,

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