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Meet the Maker: Bridge Nine Candle Co.

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bridge nine candle co

This week we are catching up with one of our collaborators, Chelsea Arvesen, creator of Bridge Nine Candle Co. I have actually just recently discovered this amazing candle company and will never go back to regular store-bought. I love that these are made using real 100% all natural soy wax and the scent lasts forever. I could smell these in my mailbox before I even opened the package! Enjoy this quick interview with Chelsea, and be sure to check out her amazing shop today!


bridge nine candle co

Tell us a little about your brand:

Chelsea: I started the business with my sister-in-law (she has since moved onto other ventures!) when we were living in the St Johns area of Portland. There was a candle shop up there called New Orleans Candle Factory. I loved her candles! So when the owner decided to move back to New Orleans I was really bummed. I have always been the type of person that loves to get my hands on things and make them (or at least try). So I decided to try making candles. I saw that there was a niche to fill in the North Portland Community and after about 4 months of [research and development] I was ready to start branding the product!

What makes Bridge Nine Candle Co. unique to other brands out there?:

C: All Bridge Nine candles are made with all natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and essential or high grade fragrance oils. Our testing processes is ongoing to ensure that each and every candle will burn to the edge and scent will throw until the very last inch.  But what really sets us apart is our simple and distinctive branding. Since the beginning I have always wanted to create a candle that would blend well with any decor. The lack of wording, descriptions etc on the candle itself is a representation of this. Our logo (which took a pain-staking 6 months to create), is recognizable, simple and unique which helps set us apart! 

bridge nine candle co

I know it's probably impossible but, describe your "typical" day for us:

C: Nothing ever really seems like a typical work day, which is one of the things I love about owning my own business. I usually start the day by posting on Instagram. I like to make a habit out of the times I post so that I ensure I have updated content running at all times. Next I turn on my wax melter (A very large vat like machine that holds 350 pounds of wax at a temperature I set, or in other words A LIFE SAVER)! I organize my orders and plan out what I need to pour. Then from there it really depends on if I have a meeting with a new or existing client, if I need to label candles and get them ready for delivery, or actually going out and making a delivery.

What is something you wish you could go back and tell your early entrepreneur self?:

C: Oh, this is a hard question! I think it would have to be to listen to yourself, you know your brand and capabilities better than anyone. I put off launching a website for a long time because I was trying to find someone to build it for me. I ended up doing it myself through Shopify. I didn't think I had the capability to take product photography, I thought I needed someone else to do it for me, so I didn't dive into social media as much as I should have. Now I take all of my product photos. There's so much you can do, if you just get your hands on it!

Anything exciting we should know about???:

C: Yes!! I am always testing new scents. Currently I am working on a Blood Orange + Sandalwood candle to be release in 2017. I am also getting ready to release packaging (a box) for my tumbler sized candle NEXT WEEK! AH!

bridge nine candle co


Find out more about Chelsea and her all natural soy wax candles here. Shop all her amazing products now at

We are very proud to offer a select variety of Bridge Nine Candles in our shop; take a peek here.

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