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Genuine Moonstone Gemstone Bracelet - Limited Edition

Genuine Moonstone Gemstone Bracelet - Limited Edition

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Moonstone, the “goddess” gemstone, is an absolute must-have for all women. Moonstone is said to stimulate the pineal gland, a small gland that plays a big role in the balance of female hormones. Because of this, many women experiencing hormone imbalance use moonstone to help alleviate some of their symptoms.

As it is believed to be connected to the moon, moonstone allows the wearer to realize her “inner goddess”. It helps to increase sensuality, calm self-doubt, clear the mind of negative emotions, increase intuition, and enhance creativity.

Moonstone is a symbol of love and helps to open the heart chakra. This allows the wearer to be receptive of and in touch with their feelings. It also helps aid deeper meditation and relaxation.

Moonstone increases a woman’s chance of conceiving naturally through the balance of hormones. It can also help with morning sickness in early pregnancy. Moonstone keeps a mother calm in the time leading up to delivery. During labor, it is believed to help promote consistent and meaningful surges. Moonstone continues to balance a new mother’s hormones to promote healthy lactation and supply. Finally, moonstone promotes a continued healthy balance of hormones during the postpartum period decreasing the likelihood of postpartum depression and anxiety.

Fluctuations in hormones during a woman’s monthly cycle are known to cause premenstrual syndrome “PMS” or even more severe, premenstrual dysphoric disorder “PMDD”. Moonstone can help to soothe emotions and decrease the physical symptoms of PMS or PMDD - including cramping, bloating, nausea, heavy or long menstrual periods - all due to hormone imbalance.

THE DETAILS: Each bracelet measures approximately 7" end to end and is strung on clear, elastic cord that stretches slightly. Each bracelet is unique and beautiful in its own way, thus variations from the pictures should be expected. Bracelet comes wrapped in a beautiful keepsake pouch, along with information about the gemstones and maintenance. This is a perfect gift for mama for your next baby shower!

When wearing gemstone jewelry, ensure proper maintenance is given, by reading our latest blog post.

Care Instructions
Remove prior to bath or swim times as exposure to soaps, detergents, and other chemicals can clog the pores of the gemstone. Do not wash in the dishwasher, washing machine, or submerge in soapy water.

Safety Instructions
This piece is intended for ages 12 years and older. Do not allow child to play with or chew on beads. 

Please review our processing + shipping policies prior to placing your order.

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