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Daily Affirmation Cards

Daily Affirmation Cards

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Affirmation cards are scientifically proven to help reprogram and rewire negative thoughts in the brain and reaffirm positive and helpful thoughts to build confidence in life. 

We are so incredibly excited to add these amazing cards to our shop. Available in five decks; Pregnancy + Birthing, Postpartum, Women's Empowerment, Kids' Affirmations, and Mindful Parenting Affirmations

Each deck comes with 52 beautifully printed cards created by Renegade Mama. They measure 3.5 x 5.75" and are printed in full color on both sides.

There are many ways you can utilize daily affirmation cards. You can choose a few each day to hang up or display around your home. You can keep one in your car or at work to remind yourself to focus on eliminating negative energy and reaffirm positive energy. During labor, decorate your birthing room and repeat these positive mantras to get baby earthside. As a new mother, keep a few of your faves by your bedside and remind yourself you're doing an incredible job! With your kiddos, have them pick a new card each day and discuss what they mean and repeat these mantras throughout the day with them. The possibilities are endless!

Pregnancy + Birthing

All women deserve to visualize and manifest the birth of their dreams. Using this Pregnancy and Birthing Support Deck can help nurture their connection with baby throughout the pregnancy and empower Mothers during their labor and birth. Birth can often bring thoughts of anxiety and fear for a new Mother. Using these fun and reaffirming statements can help rewire negative or fearful thoughts, release tension, promote relaxation and reduce pain. Decorate your home or birth space with these empowering cards to help you stay focused and positive during labor. Use them, love them, pass them along. Perfect for birth workers to use with their clients!


The first year of life after a baby is born can be challenging in many ways. The Postpartum Support Deck offers cards that beautifully illustrate inspiring and relatable messages to support a new mother, both emotionally and physically. Including affirmations that encourage nursing, self-care, and bonding with baby. Every Mama deserves to feel supported as she transitions into Motherhood. This deck is a practical tool and thoughtful gift for first-time mothers or a mother to many.

Women's Empowerment

Designed for the modern-day woman to help her stay positive, use her intuition and reinforce self-love! Learn to fall in love with your perfect self. This empowering deck of supportive and self-affirming statements helps you find acceptance for the divine woman that you are. Enlightening, simple messages that can help reprogram self-destructive thoughts, remind us to forgive and be present in life. A gentle way to heal the goddess in every woman. A perfect gift for the woman in your life that is undergoing many life changes!

Kids' Affirmations

Generate meaningful dialog and teach our youth to love themselves, while caring for our environment and others, with these playful and positive messages. This deck of cards, created just for kids, offers confidence-building tools that reaffirm your child’s positive inner voice. Create a fun, daily practice of connection as you discuss power words and phrases that your child will carry with them throughout their life. Recommended for, but not limited to, ages 3-10. A perfect birthday gift, Easter basket treasure, or stocking stuffer!

Mindful Parenting Affirmations

While parenting is the most fulfilling opportunity in life, it also presents us with the most challenging moments. These Mindful Parenting Affirmation Cards offer loving and gentle reminders that help parents and children alike feel supported and loved. With an emphasis on family values, respect and emotional awareness, these cards make great gifts for families everywhere. Place the cards around the house, in your car, or pick one as a daily mantra!

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