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One-of-a-kind Baltic Amber Child Necklaces

One-of-a-kind Baltic Amber Child Necklaces

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Please read this listing in its entirety prior to purchase. BayBee Boutique, LLC dba Careha + Co. cannot be held responsible for misuse of the product. For full care and safety instructions, please visit our blog. 

Give your little one natural relief from the pain and inflammation associated with teething!

Color/ Design Options

Only ONE of each design is available. No restocks.

  • Raw Buttermilk with Amazonite Jade gemstones
  • Raw Buttermilk with Lapis Lazuli gemstones
  • Raw Honey with Rose Quartz gemstones (pink cord)
  • Raw Honey with Amethyst gemstones
  • Raw Cognac with Rose Quartz gemstones
  • Raw Cognac with Lapis Lazuli gemstones
  • Green Gold with Amazonite Jade gemstones
  • Green Gold with Morganite gemstones
  • Mixed polish necklace

Necklace Information

Each necklace measures approximately 12 to 12.5" end to end.

Care Instructions

Proper care of the Baltic Amber will result in long-lasting benefits for your child. Remove prior to bath or swim times as exposure to soaps, detergents, and other chemicals can clog the pores. For general maintenance, place in direct sunlight for about an hour at least once a month. If the necklace requires cleaning, you can rinse in warm water and lay in direct sunlight to dry. If deeper cleaning is required, soak in warm salt water for five minutes, rinse thoroughly, and lay in direct sunlight to dry. Do not wash in the dishwasher, washing machine, or submerge in soapy water.  

Safety Instructions 

This necklace is intended for use UNDER DIRECT ADULT SUPERVISION. Do not allow a child to play with or chew on beads. Beads are NOT meant to be chewed on; only direct contact with skin is required for the amber to work. Do not leave in crib, car seat, stroller, or within child’s reach while unattended or asleep. Remove prior to nap or sleep times.

Please note, although this necklace is strung on a strong, silk thread, repeated pulling on the necklace, by your child or someone else, will cause the thread to be pulled apart from the clasp. It is evident this has occurred because the spacing between the last knot and the end of the clasp becomes longer over time. As such, we advise you to ensure your child is NOT pulling on or playing with the necklace whether it is being worn or not. Once the thread has been pulled completely from the clasp, the entire necklace will have to be restrung in order for the necklace to be worn again safely. We do not recommend allowing your child to wear a broken necklace as this can lead to strangulation hazards. If the threading has been pulled from the clasp on either side, we are able to repair the necklace for you. Our repairs start at $12, plus return shipping costs. Just like with any piece of jewelry, we recommend you maintain and care for the piece to prevent any damages/ cracking to the beads or tearing of the silk thread from the clasp. Again, we are not responsible for any damage to the necklace once you have received it.

Please review the processing + shipping policies prior to placing your order.

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