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About Me

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When people ask me WHY I chose to open a business three weeks before my first son was born, I often say “cuz I’m crazy!” Which is probably partly true. But really, I wanted to help other mothers. That’s the vision I have always had since becoming a mother myself. When I was pregnant with Jaxon, I did all the baby research - all the best products, brands, organic v. non-organic, etc. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be super cool if I started a retail shop with ALL these things? A one-stop-shop where I bring the best products to new mothers. And with that, the vision for my business was born.

Over the last six years, my business has changed a lot - literally! I went from being “retail” and offering other amazing brands, to handmade only, and then sprinkled in again a few retail items (handmade by other mothers), and then I went through a rebranding last year. Even with that all, my vision is STILL THE SAME. I want to help mothers.

My jewelry line consists of natural gemstone jewelry as well as Baltic amber teething necklaces. Working with natural elements to create my jewelry gives me a sense of peace and happiness. I have made and sold over 1000 pieces of Baltic amber jewelry for children and adults. It is by far our best-selling item in the shop and my favorite to make.

In March of 2020, I launched a new postpartum wellness line. Going through the “postpartum” phase is hard. Any mother can tell you that. It’s a huge change, there’s sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, healing, accepting your new body, accepting you will never be alone again haha - the goal of my new wellness products is aimed to make that part of your life a little easier. It was made specifically for that “fourth-trimester” period right after delivering your baby. My handcrafted products are perfect for a mother-to-be, multi-purpose, use only the best sourced natural ingredients, and made with love.

I hope you enjoy!

Carley R. Hall
Owner + Designer
BayBee Boutique, LLC (dba Careha + Co.)