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Baltic Amber Jewelry Repair

Baltic Amber Jewelry Repair

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This listing is for repairs for Baltic Amber Jewelry. We are able to repair all types of Baltic Amber Jewelry, no matter if the piece was made by us or not.

Prior to purchase: Please "Message Us" (bottom left-hand corner) with pictures of the piece so we can confirm supplies. 

After purchase: You will receive an email from us with information on how to send in (or drop off if local) at your cost. This listing will also charge you $4.00 shipping. This will cover the costs for us shipping your piece back to you. If you wish to pick up your amber (local only) please add our LOCAL PICKUP listing to your cart to remove shipping fees. Please DO NOT use this code unless you have every intention of picking up your repair. If you do not pick up your repair within 7 days, we will discard your jewelry. 

Repairs include evaluation and taking apart the jewelry piece, washing and sunning all Baltic Amber beads, restringing of all beads and new clasps (if needed). We will also replace any cracked or damaged beads at no extra cost. Orders using a coupon code will be canceled immediately.

Repairs will come with a 30-day limited warranty and will only cover repairs needed from faulty craftsmanship. Please note, although our necklaces are strung on a strong, silk thread, repeated pulling on the necklace, by your child or someone else, will cause the thread to be pulled apart from the clasp. It is evident this has occurred because the spacing between the last knot and the end of the clasp becomes longer over time. As such, we advise you to ensure your child is NOT pulling on or playing with the necklace whether it is being worn or not. Once the thread has been pulled completely from the clasp, the entire necklace will have to be restrung in order for the necklace to be worn again safely. We do not recommend allowing your child to wear a broken necklace as this can lead to strangulation hazards. We are unable to honor any craftsmanship warranties to new or repaired necklaces due to misuse.

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