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Meet the Maker: Random Rompers

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random rompers

This week we are catching up with a fellow Texas entrepreneur, Krystal from Random Rompers. Read below how she turned a side-job into a flourishing romper clothing line. 

Tell us a little about your brand:
Krystal: I have been sewing for almost 15 years now, but Random Rompers actually started by accident. At the time I had a custom and production sewing company making clothes for people and designers. We hit a few hard months and were so behind on bills. I had seen a lot of children's shops on Instagram and decided to start one to make some extra money. I had a lot of knit fabric around and make a pattern rompers. I sewed them up and put them online and Random Rompers was born. I honestly thought it would be a side job. It took off so quickly and I fell in love with making them and meeting so many other mamas. Now I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

What makes Random Rompers unique from other brands out there?:
K: My rompers are unique for a few reasons. I'm one of the few rompers shops that has made their own pattern. Most shops use the same pattern and they all look exactly alike. I feel the fit and style of mine help them stand out. Another unique quality of my brand is a quick turnaround on a handmade item. I get orders out in 2 weeks or less by working my butt off and only releasing when I can be sure my customers get a quick turn around. 

random rompers

I know it's probably impossible but, describe your "typical" day for us:
K: My typical work day starts at 9am after I get the kids to school and leave the gym. I work for 2 hours before picking up my son from prek at 11am. Then I work either cutting out rompers or sewing from 12-3 when I have to pick up my daughter. After that its homework and dinner time. My husband gets home at 4:30 and will help with kids. And I'm usually back in the office at 6pm and work until about 9pm-10pm.

What is something you wish you could go back and tell your early entrepreneur self?:
K: It would be to manage my time and money better. Prepare for slow months so they don't stress me out so much and save for those taxes! 

Anything exciting we should know about???:
K: I just released The Basics. It's a full line of solids and stripes for spring/summer. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and I'm so in love with it. I am also releasing fourth of July prints soon as well as bring water rompers back to the shop which I'm super excited about it


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