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Meet the Maker: Urban Oreganics

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This week we are catching up with one of our collaborators, Emily Silverstein, owner of Urban Oreganics. I was so lucky to find this amazing brand over a year ago and it has since then completely rebalanced my skin issues. I highly recommend taking a look at this handcrafted, organic, natural, vegan skin care line to add to your daily routine.


facial mask urban oreganics natural skin care

Tell us a little about your brand:

Emily: As a devoted vegan, to say I am health conscious would be an understatement. But eating healthy is just one piece of the puzzle. While pregnant with my first child, I read that it takes 26 seconds for the toxins in our body care products to absorb into the bloodstream, and vowed to make a change! While on maternity leave, Urban Oreganics came to life, and I never looked back. We handcraft a variety of bath & beauty products from natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, just outside of Portland, Oregon. Our handmade creations have been lovingly fashioned in our home studio since 2013, and are tested on friends and family, never on animals.

(or·e·gan·ics): Oregon + organics

What makes Urban Oreganics unique to other brands out there?:

E: Our products are all handcrafted in small batches with no artificial preservatives. The US does not regulate the beauty industry, so products with 100% natural ingredients are almost unheard of. It's so important to educate yourself about what you're putting on your skin. Tip: Consider looking up your favorite skin care products on the "Think Dirty" app.

facial mask urban oreganics skin care


I know it's probably impossible but, describe your "typical" day for us:

E: As the mama of two young kiddos, my days are never boring. I don't have any days that are 100% work. Since my kids are at home with me while I work, it's typically a never ending cycle of grocery shopping, packing orders, taking product photos, fixing snacks, kissing boo-boos, and chatting with customers on Instagram. 

rosewater toner urban oreganics natural skin care

What is something you wish you could go back and tell your early entrepreneur self?:

E: Be patient. I love that I let my company grow organically. I used to think I needed to knock it out of the park right away, but I'm so glad that didn't happen. I appreciate it so much more because it happened slowly and naturally.

Anything exciting we should know about???:

E: We just launched our holiday collection - which includes some awesome collaborations with some fellow handmade mamas!

artisan bath and beauty at urban oreganics


Shop Urban Oreganics now at

We are very proud to offer an exclusive Urban Oreganics product in our shop; take a peek here.

Bee social and follow Urban Oreganics:

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to review or sponsor this blog post. All views expressed herein are my own. For questions regarding collaborations, please send an email to Entries were edited for length and/or clarity. All photographs used herein were by written permission from Urban Oreganics. All rights reserved. 

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