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Meet the Maker: Marleys Monsters

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This week we are catching up with one of our collaborators, Sarah Dooley, creator of Marleys Monsters. I've been personally using this brand for my household and bath needs for over a year. Being eco-friendly and cost efficient is something I wanted to focus on once I became a mother. I am so happy I've found this amazing brand to work with, and to include in my every day life.


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Tell us a little about your brand:

Sarah: I started Marleys Monsters while on maternity leave from my job as an interior designer. I've always had the desire to learn how to sew. I sewed a tiny bit on my mom's sewing machine growing up, but never fully learned the ins and outs of it. I even had a sewing machine that had been sitting in my closet for years. So I pulled it out, started sewing up some simple things that we needed and I was hooked. I soon after bought a serger, because I love the simplicity of the look and we really needed more cloth wipes for our cloth diapering stash. The serger was very difficult to learn, but I felt so accomplished when after I very slowly became a pro! My passion for eco-friendly and multi-functional products, as well as my love for bold and bright fabrics made what Marleys Monsters is today. I left my job when Marley was 2, moved my business out of my home when Marley was 3, and have absolutely loved growing Marleys Monsters into a one-stop-shop for the crunchy family.


What makes Marleys Monsters unique to other brands out there?:

S: The thing that sets Marleys Monsters apart from other companies in the industry is not only the re-usability of our products, but also the ability to customize. We love to offer the customer the ability to have fun and choose prints for their re-usable products. It makes our customers excited to help the environment! My favorite thing is hearing from customers how happy it makes them or their children to use our products every day, because the specific prints they chose are unique to them.

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I know it's probably impossible but, describe your "typical" day for us:

S: Sew, sew, sew....cut, package, photographing, shipping, fabric shopping, social media.... diaper changes, baby snuggling, toddler art projects, cooking. These are the things that make up my day. Pretty much every day contains a little bit of everything. During the week, on a typical day, I wake up at about 6:00. If I've waken up before the babes, I check email and drink my coffee. Marley then goes to pre-school and baby Fox and I go to the studio and get to work. Between diaper changes and baby snuggling, I make. I make as much as I can during naps, but every day is different. I try to squeeze shipping and photos in there somewhere. We then go and pick up Marley from school and our evening routine begins. Dinner, puzzles, art projects, bath-time, & reading books. When the babes are asleep, it's back to work. Mostly computer work and an occasional sewing project I've brought home. It's a very fast-paced & crazy life, but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

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What is something you wish you could go back and tell your early entrepreneur self?:

S: I wish I knew how extremely difficult it would be. I thought I could just start a website and the customers would just magically come. It has taken so much dedication! And if I wasn't as passionate as I am, there is no way I would have survived. It has been a series of roller coasters, but there is truly nothing else I'd rather be doing. My one tip- if it's something you believe you should be doing, don't give up!

Anything exciting we should know about???:

S: We are currently working on a line of linen napkins that we are so excited about! Sometimes you want something just a little fancier :)

baby bib model marleys monsters


Find out more about Sarah and her eco-friendly brand, Marleys Monsters here. Shop all her amazing products now at, and use code BAYBEE for 15% off your order (offer good through November)!

We are very proud to offer some Marleys Monsters brand items in our shop; take a peek here.

Bee social and follow Marleys Monsters:

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to review or sponsor this blog post. All views expressed herein are my own. For questions regarding collaborations, please send an email to Entries were edited for length and/or clarity. All photographs used herein were by written permission from Marleys Monsters. All rights reserved. 

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